Topic: FUKKK isreals zionazisim

The state of  isreal thinks they can murder all Muslims on tha planet
soon will come the time when all Muslims have had it
for over 50 years
they've been extingushing Palestine's innocent kids spilling blood and tears\par
tha ununited states of hate
says give Palestine an election so "democracy" will rule and to serve as our colony will be their fate,
No wait,
Hamas iz elected tha strong Muslims who zionazist isreal and amerikkka hate.\par
Set up elections then refuse to recognize tha government elected by tha people\par
                     democray's fake   
"Only if u elect who we want u to elect"
U amerikkkan sheeple should try to connect tha dots \
oops to late\
Destruction iz amerikkka and isreals fate
After a muderous month,
Hamas decides it has had enough
they kidnap 2 isreali soldiers to hold as leverage
these are not tha type of people that can stop by starbucks for a tasty beverage
So isreal murders 43 Palestineians tha very next day
How many thousands of people do these bitch-azz faggots prooceed/get to/ slay?
Newborn infants, and elderly blown to bits in their refugee tents right where they lay
Hezbollah defends thier brothers
kidnapping two more of tha pawns of satan zionazist muthafukkkaz
Lebanese?? Please their nothing to us,
we'll use our amerikkkan apache helicopters to shoot missiles at point blank range into their refugee bus,
this is our chance tha Arab tourist industry in Lebanon has grown to prosperous\par
so we'll melt tha skin off their childrens bodies with pospherous
were killing tha terroist o can't u c?
anyone wit 2 working brain cells knowz we tha terroist b
u just stepped up tha intensity of the beginning of wwIII
isreal and amerikkka murder hundreds of thousands worldwide for "democracy"
Blak people should be watching, this is what they really want to do to u and me                                                       
hurricane katrina had passed a day before poison bush blew holes in tha levees
and let us drown for days and get on tha roof on our knees, please white man, please white man, please white man please
even though u think were monkeys fresh from tha trees
and amerikkka is a worldwide watchdog and were just tha fleas
so douse a fleabath
and control communcations on tha planet, to drop a cnn spin
cover up all tha aftermath
AAAA fuk that noise let just all go chase ass,
get fukked up and buy hilifiger and versace, and ignore our god given task, to put an end to albino parasitic global dominance
o am I talking to fast?
cuz faith without works iz like a chick from tha south with no ass
pray ta YHWH to end all tha misery in your lives
but toward tha obvious solution u don't try ta work along with your prayers u don't strive
hmm what do tha amerikkkan sheeple understand?
let's sell our soul to tha devil, and join tha army ta serve uncle sam(he ain't my muthafukkkin unlce)
i am
MUDERING Iraqis Paletianians Lebaneese Africans Hatians South Korean farmers South amerikkkans and anbody else that differs in opinon or gets in tha way of my depreciating soon to possibly collapse  $$ dollar  it's quite grand!!!
even though our technology is 30 times better we just can't quite seem to wipe them all off their land
soon all tha enemies of isreal and then amerikkka will stand
that's poison bush only real plan
so as u peep this tha slaughter continues
but tha amerikkkan sheeple are more concerned with new business venues\par
while alot of tha planet is running from amerikkkan bombs and bullets
trying to keep that bullet from connecting
or should it?

words in thiz prose have been purposely misspelled and not captitilized  tha non capitilization denotes that these words deserve no repect