Topic: I Have a Nightmare THe Lyrical Insightmare"

"  I Have a Nightmare THe Lyrical Insightmare"
           By Naalij Blak Seminole
"I have a nightmare that a murederous satanic regime kidnaps my grandparents, then as mice turns us loose, all we do now is chase green cheese, nothing in the ununited states of hate is really as is seems, the true opiate of the people is the media-mainstream. Hypnotized, commercialized, ingesting lies poisn bush sprouts minds, in this nightmare when the governments actions are called into question automatically unpatriotic terriost is the assumption, 186 years ago slavery waz physical clear cut, now we tha majority of tha prison population tryin ta rip inside a asshole ta bust a nut. In my nightmare mental slavery works just as good or better than physical slavery ever did, when your trained to automatically teach lies of christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, to your kids. Join tha army to imperialize, colonilize, sacrafice human lives PILLAGE earth's natural resources, cultures, countries communities, DESTROY THEIR VILLAGE, animal, cannabalistic, bloodthirsty mauruding vikings, obviously some direct descendants here, skipped some generations thier just like em. In this nightmare it is we who perpetuate r own slavery, mentally shackled to the traditions, langauage, and holidays of somebody that really hated me. So i attempt to keep my third eye clear not cloudy, real clean, in the midst of spiritual, mental and physical warfare this torrential river of shyt flowed our way can sweep us up it's no little stream, u still got yo red white and blue superman undies on right? go patriotisim u scream.

In this nightmare if Martin Luther King was still alive he'd probaly join this amerikkkan dream team. So what did tha constacatasrophytution and the degredation of the dependents really mean? The first phase of this battle is for control of your mind, obviously for most of this country that war has been lost for a long time viewing the planet thru the eyes of your mental master assures you a front row seat strapped in on this empire in declines upcoming freefall for disaster.

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“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.”