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It's hard to know what to believe about Chris Dorner, as the media has been notoriously unreliable in the past. But his uncensored manifesto rings true to me. He's a man who was wronged and who, unlike most of us, has the ability to do something about it.

According to the media, there's a huge manhunt on for him, and the LAPD has been so jumpy that despite the fact that they're looking for a large Black man, they've shot at small Latina ladies and a white man. This is very unusual. The cops in the US kill Black people routinely, at least one every 36 hours, and the LAPD certainly kill their fair share. Is it possible that the cops are actually avoiding shooting at Black people while the hunt for Dorner is on, for fear that if they kill any more innocent Black people it will bring Dorner more community support? If so, Chris Dorner has already accomplished more than Constitutional amendments, a Civil War, and decades of protests, lawsuits, and consent decrees have done.

I wish there was some other way to get the cops to stop discriminating against, brutalizing, and killing innocent Black folks, but there isn't. The Oakland cops were under a consent decree and were recently placed under federal supervision, but it hasn't stopped them from shooting innocent Black folks. And that's in a very Black city with a very Black local government, but done mostly by cops from out of town. Once you've exhausted the administrative process, as Oakland did and as Dorner did, and you've eliminated every other possible solution, whatever's left, like it or not, is the only answer.

Although Dorner is large, well-armed, well trained, and very intelligent, this is a David and Goliath story--one man against the arrogant and gigantic combined might of US law enforcement and Homeland Security. I never was much of a Bible student, but my money's on David.

Ever read a book called The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp? The US government ain't nothing but baby-rapers.

But truth is, except when it comes to slave labor where they prefer Blacks the way that Kuwaiti and Saudi royal families prefer Filipinos, they don't discriminate. Don't matter if the President is white or Black, they're gonna rape and kill every man, woman, and child they can, old or young, any color in the spectrum. I think they got rabies, is what I think.