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And I apologize from the bottom of my third eye. I lack much focus. Your idiosyncratic tangents keep me dreaming as my belly swells and my bones shift into a more welcoming position. With every movement he makes, his face become more clear to me.The moon will soothe my weathered skin when the day is done. For now, Envelope me in the violence of the sun. Her whisper is heavy, music dripping from her lips. My Mind lay suspended in air, where the ocean kisses the sky. Here, I will wait for my phoenix to Arrive.


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A putrid smell, the kind you can see. Cut me open, to kill me from the inside. Drain my mind. I don’t bleed like normal people. Heres a face you can eat. It all begins with me, and the purple sky. He Rain is coming, much faster then yesterday. Guns cant die. But You and I can, so lets dance. Or maybe bleed away. Imitation of the ocean. Feels like floating. I got Zombie Smiles on my mind. Such a taste you've never had before, Would you care to try? Maybe we will rock moons together, cause I'm in need. If I get lost in it, will you find me? A haze unexpected, something you'd never think of. Black Rainbows, and Screaming hearts. Much more then words with meaning. Can you understand? A Dark Night upon you, Apes with guns and Monkey Men. They can hear You sweat. They smell You breathe.

A Reply From The Demon:
The earth shakes with the anger you inspire inside me. very impressive, is this what you sought to do? So here I go with my green monster. My head is hard and my mind is dirt. What are you? the sky asks me questions, though I cannot hear. I answer Find me my blood is waiting and your song is dead. the words I never had a chance to learn and the life I will never leave. If I said good bye tonight what would you do? So here is what you do now right? chop me up and make me pay? be sure to make me scream. My madness is borderline, its coming closer, can you see it? or are you gone, must have missed you. The smell is unbearable and my mind is over. Flowing like the bullets from your gun. Titus himself doesn't understand, do you? Purple mist, Green Monster and Titus, songs you’ll never smell. Words you'll never eat. If life is a way, then what are you? My monsters dare not leave me, and if they do im left with you. God cant even scream now, Revenge, Trouble , And Madness. Snakes can no longer move.