Oki my friends, 
   Let me briefly introduce my self, I'm a 30 something male that has in 10 years time gone from go team go.... To HOW THE FUCK DO I GET OUT OF THIS Prison of a country! 
   Here are some things I think are Extremly important for today's Fredom Informer  Fighter
1. Never Express or allow others to Express a plan that involves destruction or killing of anyone or thing...Why you may ask??? Because our controllers are looking for any excuse possible to radicalize our cause!. There will be a time someday that this may change... But for now don't become what they want
2. Find BUZZ WORDS... That explain alot in a short statement!
Examples are;  "The destruction is by Design!", or, "I'm a Conspiracy Theorist... Because I Question Known Liers!.
3. Know Your Facts, Know Your History, ... I can't say this enough... This is not the rarity on earth that man is ran by Tyrants and Masters, find examples and know them well from history... And DO NOT JUST GO OFF WHAT IS IN A History book, find other accounts of the same story's.
4. Remember to Sight Sources.... Unfortunately we have to be perfect in truth, the media can lie for their truth... Eventually truth wins.
5.Remember be patient and think of Gondi.... He didn't need weapons, he used the people around him like the ocean turns the tides to shore.
That's it for now I will be more in-depth soon.