shots out @ Pharoah Davinci for rockin tha KILLILLUMANTI FUKKK DA POLICE shirt in hiz video




As  a child Naalij tha BlakSeminole Khmetikan was exposed to many religious, musical, and violent influences that results in him being tha Warriah that he is today. blessed with extraordinary neural synapses since birth ( half from being born on tha full moon, half from his nonhuman Blak Egyptian Ancestors)For tha first four or 5 years of his life he was spanked sometimez 3 or 4 times a day for minor offenses which manifested itself later in life His middle skool was more of a gladiator training facility than a skool as he was jumped daily after math class for being in tha “smart peoples class” even though he was horrible @ math. The skool had been in tha news for an alleged rape the year before he got there, teachers beating students, and much gang activity. From being raised as a submissive ass Jehovah’s Witness to being thrown into the fire of blak cannibalistic violence gave Naalij many problems with his violent school mates he was repeatedly attacked and tortured over the years until he turned into tha Afrikan Ancestrial Army guerrilla fighter that he is today. At tha age of 17 Naalij was forced into homelessness by his parents and evicted from tha Jehovah’s witness organization into muderous azz hilltop Tacoma tha 25trey division of tha Wesscoast Mafia a homeless hungry broke starving high school kkkristian junior thrown to tha wolves of tha underworld. Survival was of the only importance as this lost soul was taught to trust no humans. As u read this the Khmetikan is under illumanti government investigation and surveillance for speaking the truth to/and for tha oppressed against tha evil amerikkkan empire. the destruction of Babylon tha great is imminent and no amount of surveillance or amerikkkan weaponry can or will stop JEHOVAH and tha Musawimms total annihilation and destruction of the wikkked amerikkkan (and the earths) government and their brainwashed sheeple disciples.

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BlakSeminole Khmetikan – Empire in Decline


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