Afghan Policeman Kills Two US Troops in Insider Attack

Officials Offer Few Details on Uruzgan Province Killings

A man in an Afghan police uniform attacked and killed two US soldiers today in the Uruzgan Province in the latest apparent “green-on-blue” attack in Afghanistan. Officials have yet to confirm the attacker’s identity, and don’t know if he was an actual policeman or just someone who stole a uniform.

The attacker approached the soldiers pre-dawn as they were returning from a patrol, then opened fire killing two before escaping into the countryside. There was no indication what caused the incident, as many such shootings have been retaliation for arguments.

If confirmed as an “insider” attack this would be 55 NATO soldiers killed so far this year in such attacks, by far the most of any single year in the 11+ year occupation of Afghanistan.

Taliban officials have regularly claimed credit for such attacks, though how many they are actually responsible for is a matter of some dispute. Taliban leader Mullah Omar released a statement yesterday urging his fighters to infiltrate the Afghan security forces to launch more such attacks.

by Jason Ditz

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  1. Mukhtar 5 years ago

    Richard:I have had chats with a few people who severd in Afghanistan, as I am certain, have you.The general consensus seems to be that the allies, Canada, the US and so on, brutally lie to us about the nature of the culture etc. and re-write actual situation reports to be in keeping with the narrative of Taliban Vs. Allies’ when in fact it is Muslims and Afghan culture generally speaking at war with all of us in different ways and to different degrees here and there.For example when actual official police use their authority and weapons to steal from villages and rape locals and the locals string them up as the bastards they are, our media reports it as they were killed by the Taliban in order to maintain confidence in the fake notion that all those we train and equip are rational actors in defense of Western secular democracy. At least to an acceptable degree. The above example is not hypothetical but factual and accurate by the way.So chances are these were real police’ in the sense that they were equipped, trained and uniformed by our governments and then acted on their own ideology and perhaps individual interests, be it financial or religious or self protection. That would be my guess anyway based on what I have been told by various members of the Canadian forces, some of whom where actually dealing with direct from-the-field intel reports.Frankly I think I should probably include a version of this comment into the post.

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