Iran Warships Dock at Syrian Port as Warning to US

Iranian MP Warns Against Intervention
by Jason Ditz, February 20, 2012

Iranian MP Hossein Ebrahimi, one of the top ranking members of the nation’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Commission, today slammed calls by top US officials to begin smuggling arms into Syria.

The presence of Iran and Russia’s flotillas along the Syrian coasts has a clear message against the United States’ possible adventurism,” Ebrahimi warned. US military commander Gen. Martin Dempsey has said any efforts to arm the rebels would be “premature.”

The US is far from the only nation liable to smuggle weapons into Syria, however, and the Arab League has already passed a resolution approving efforts to provide such aid to the various fighters seen as favorable to its faction. In addition, Turkey is openly backing the Free Syrian Army (FSA), while al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) is sending arms and fighters into the nation across the porous Iraqi border.

Iranian officials explained the arrival of two Iranian warships at Tartus, the same port that already houses Russian warships, as a sign that both nations are willing to make an effort to prevent arms smuggling. It is unlikely the ships will have much practical impact, however, as Syria has enormous land borders that are difficult to guard and would be more favorable for such smuggling.

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  1. Rambo 5 years ago

    US troops you work for war prrtofeeis. Your government and military has been hijacked and you have been betrayed and deceived. You are NOT fighting for the peace and security of America or ANY nation. The real terrorists are your CRIMINAL Government/Military leaders and fully complicit lying corporate media. You invade nation after nation in manufactured wars, slaughtering the innocent, preparing the ground for corporate hyenas to divide up the spoil. Stand down to ALL unlawful orders

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  2. Suzana 5 years ago

    India makes complaints about the PLA teinrag down a wall on the border of India, and China. Obama sends troops to Austrailia. China warns Austrailia they have to pick bewtween the U.S., and China. The U.S. conducts joint military, and naval drills with the Philipinnes, after threats with China. China conducts joing naval drills with Russia. Now the situation in Syria, Russia, China, and Iran, along with Syria propose a large scale military exercise.

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