The goal of the Elite is to set up an Orwellian Police State, with a more controlled society and continuous surveillance over every citizen! First they’ll destroy this present world system and then bring in their “New World Order”. By continually setting in place post-9/11 laws and also increasing the use of CCTV cameras, biometric scanners, security equipment, etc. they’ll be able to get every individual subordinated to their will when the time comes. This is their main agenda “Order Out Of Chaos”. We should expect more false flag attacks (such as 9/11), made up terror plots, and an ongoing worldwide economic crisis all of which will surely instill fear and panic into the hearts of all people. It seems like they want us to always be on edge and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our waking up to this knowledge is crucial because it looks like they’re steadily on course and close to fulfilling their goals.

And just why are the elite going through with this sinister plan? It’s all about this planet’s vast but ultimately limited resources. The elite are very interested in these resources and they want to own and control all of them if they can. And it shouldn’t be a surprise to us that they’re not at all concerned about the general population because it’s all about them. Harsh as this may seem to us ordinary folks these elite have already made up their minds a very long time ago about what they have to do with the masses of humanity. They came to the decision that these Useless Eaters Must Go! Read the Georgia GuideStones. Then check out the youtube video below of Ted Turner and the elite on population control. [youtube id=”PoZ9gkIW1KY” width=”100%” height=”350px”]  But just keeping it real their main goal is to bring in a New World Order/Police State and they’re willing to use any means necessary to bring this to pass.

Here’s some information on Chemtrails and “Smart” Meters if your interested. (1) Chemtrails. Read Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. There may be a lot more going on with aerosol spraying besides keeping global warming under control. People who have thoroughly researched this subject or have personally witnessed them spraying chemtrails debate why they’re spraying so much and if there’s a hidden agenda to this? Watch youtube video Aluminum Raining Down On Us. (2) Smart Meters. Check out “Smart” Meter Basics. “Smart” Meters are wireless digital utility meters that broadcast customers’ usage information to the utility using a radio-frequency transmitter and are rapidly replacing older analog style meters in certain areas of the country. Wireless “smart” meters are dangerous because they emit radio-frequency microwave radiation that’s part of the range of frequencies recently placed in the category “possible human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (May 2011).

[youtube id=”pHCPEfdGdyE” width=”100%” height=”350px”]


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