Several months ago, I produced a documentary about Charles and David Koch for Global News, Canada’s largest private television chain. The film focused on the Koch’s vast holdings in Alberta’s controversial tar sands, their campaign to deny climate change, and the political power wielded by Koch Industries. The Koch brothers are some of the richest people in the world, yet the mainstream media rarely covers their efforts to flood big money into elections to further their corporate interests.

My documentary shed light on the controversial practices of the Koch brothers and the media blackout that abets them. But days before the video was set to air, executives at Global News pulled it from their broadcast schedule and I was fired. With no outlet for my story and no access to my video footage, I was forced to start from scratch and search elsewhere for a sponsor. That’s where The Real News Network stepped in.

I am teaming up with TRNN, to expose the Koch brothers’ war on the environment and their plan to influence the 2016 presidential election – and we need your help.

We need to raise $50,000 to produce and distribute How the Kochs and the Rich Buy Elections – a documentary exploring how big money corrupts the democratic process. The film will include interviews with insiders, experts, and activists who are both familiar with the Koch brothers and how they spend their cash and with the detrimental impact of money in elections.

You can watch my documentary promo below:

As a nonprofit, TRNN relies on the generosity of viewers like you to produce news and documentaries that explore the most critical issues of our time. We can’t do it without you! Too much is at stake to sit back and do nothing. Consider this:

The Kochs control one to two million acres of tar sands in Alberta, Canada, worth tens of billions of dollars. But climate scientists say up to 240 billion tons of carbon would be released into the atmosphere if the oil sands are developed. Meanwhile, the Kochs’ are waging well-financed campaigns to deny climate change and using their wealth to get conservatives elected to office to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and further their corporate interests. 

Your dedication to the truth is the most powerful force we have to expose Koch Industries and all those who seek to exploit our planet’s resources for profit. Please make a donation today and help us take a stand against the Koch brothers.


Bruce Livesey, Investigative Journalist 


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